b.ez (adverb)
Pronunciation: (bee-ee-zee)
Definition: to be calm, cool, relaxed


b.ez the brand is an ambiguous experimentation found at the intersection of three different, but like-minded individuals. It encompasses an attempt to use the creative mind as the vessel for freedom of expression on the quest to chase one’s dreams and ambitions.

b.ez is not your father’s t-shirt brand nor is it shaking up the clothing industry. b.ez is not claiming to be a revolutionary brand that will change your life nor is it some unexplainable movement. b.ez is simply making moves. It’s not for everyone; find out if it’s for you.


We started b.ez clothing because we wanted a way to share our messages and motives with others. We didn’t want a routine-like, uncreative, robotic lifestyle that came with the average 9 to 5 office job so starting b.ez was an ideal solution.

We’re three friends from Jersey who’ve known each other for most of our lives. We grew up together and were raised around the same cultures. We’ve experienced our fair share at such a young age and this clothing line is a display of our influences and interests.

What is b.ez

The b. is the ‘action’. It means stop talking about doing the things you want to do and just do them. Be true to yourself and just b. you.

The ez is the ‘how’. The mood at which to handle your goals. It’s important to always be humble in your quest for success, as this will keep you in the right circles in the future.

The octopus is the symbol of our brand; it represents creativity, wisdom, and a sense of mystery. We feel it suits our endeavors favorably and we are enjoying manipulating its appearance for the sake of intrigue.